Customer Testimonials

Russ Hearl

VP Sales


The results that we’ve seen so far have been nothing short of astounding

Gordon Evans

Chief Operating Officer

T4 Media Group

We’ve seen a 24% lift in the number of prospects being contacted

Kent Perkocha

Chief Customer Officer


We're getting a 30% increase to overall pipeline and sales.

Steve Richard



" brings order to chaos. . . . Businesses are growing faster than they ever could have by using this technology."

Bob Kruzner

Director of Sales Enablement


"InsideSales allow us to look at the forecast the same way same place to provide consistency and InsideSales has really provided that."

Bob Finley


RedSeal Networks

"It gives me the predictability for this quarter and next quarter and predictability is what every CFO craves."

Mike McCormick

CMO and VP Sales

California Casualty

" has been a powerful tool to increase our production. Implementing this new strategy has not only generated new revenue but also increased employee job satisfaction."

Bryan Reese

Director New Business Development


"The platform allows us to create an integrated outbound cadence where the messaging is constant systematic and ultimately drives better results."

Bruce Ackerman

Director of Marketing and Inside Sales

My Computer Career

"We reach a higher percentage of our prospects faster than I know my competitors do precisely because we have InsideSales in our quiver."

Gene Park

Director of Marketing


"We use to track call dispositions and get visibility. It's been a great tool and a partnership."

Chris Perrotti

Director of Sales Systems

Log Me In

"It's transformed the way our inside sales team works. Effort metrics are up around 30% across the board. It's changed the way we think of selling."

Sean Flandermeyer

Sales and CRM Manager

California Casualty

"California Casualty uses to increase productivity and efficiency in the highly competitive insurance market."

Nick Pagnani

Operations Manager

Career Step

"Our sales team loves it and the dialing is faster and smoother. We've seen a dramatic increase in our call volume and our connections."

Joe Geng

Vice President

Superior Glove

"We used to respond to leads in a few hours. Now we're getting back in a few minutes . That is helping improve our response rates and our sales cycle as well."

Corey Colman

Operations Manager


"We've seen an increase in activity with lower performing reps through gamification and we've seen a huge increase in the contact rates with prospects."

Mark Hemingway

VP Development

Paradigm Life

" has cut down tremendously the time between when we're able to get a qualified lead and contact them. That's doubled our conversions on those leads."

Jen Caparas

IT Manager

MyOutdesk Inc.

"Our sales team gets more opportunities to reach out to leads and prospective leads. We love -- they give us more opportunity to contact more people."

David Torsak

VP of Marketing

Paradigm Life

"We saw an immediate rise in contacts with potential clients and then a 250% increase in leads to conversions."

John Beck

Sales Manager

Corporation Service Company

"We're able to turbocharge our sales efforts. It used to be that a rep making 100 outbound calls was a rarity. Now it happens consistently every day."

Daniel Torsak


Paradigm Life

"We've experienced increased contact time shorter conversion time and ultimately increased business. We've grown 2-3 times since starting with InsideSales."

Isaac Lewis

Marketing Database Analyst


"It's been a success to be able to see our numbers to get data from our calls and be able to unlock their successes."

Jenifer Anderson

CRM Applications Manager

Lancope Inc.

"We use to increase our process efficiencies. It has had amazing results for our sales team."

George Davis

Technical Operations Manager

Safety Services Company

"It allows you to get selling literally tomorrow. We've decreased our time to contact significantly and increased trust in the system. It overcomes barriers to sales."

Ramon Del Salto

Sr. Manager

Data Core Software

"We use InsideSales because of their responsiveness to our needs. We streamlined our processes and leverage the product to handle new campaigns."

Shelley Cox

Sales Support Leader

Superior Glove

"It has increased our contact rates significantly. You make it easy for me to get my team productive and get results."