Work Smarter, Close Faster

NeuralView allows your sales team to work smarter and close faster. It automatically and intelligently identifies your most promising leads, opportunities and accounts. Together with the InsideSales Sales Acceleration Platform, NeuralView’s predictive lead scoring prescribes who is likely to convert and when to contact them. NeuralView runs on Neuralytics – the self-learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics engine by InsideSales.

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Find the prospects most likely to engage and close

NeuralView’s predictive lead scoring assigns each of your leads, opportunities or accounts a NeuralScore that indicates the “likelihood to close.” This score is updated daily with the data from Neuralytics and your CRM. Neuralytics is a multi-tiered predictive sales analytics engine that analyzes the patterns in your data to identify the most promising business opportunities.


NeuralSort prescribes which leads and contacts to reach out to and when. It sorts prospects into a list of optimal contact times by weighing the NeuralScore as well as a number of other variables, including available demographic, geographic and company information. The process is continual, recurring every hour to give you the most up-to-date recommendations.

Predictive Seek Lists

With NeuralView, sales managers can supercharge their dialing lists by adding close and contactability scores so reps can get a hold of their most promising leads or accounts.

Next Record

Reps can increase the quality and quantity of their calls by using NextRecord, the one-click feature from PowerDialer that automatically serves up the next best lead or account for a rep to dial.

Hourly and Daily Scores

NeuralView moves fast to keep up with the speed of your business. Contactability scores are updated every hour, and close scores every day.

Self-learning System

Your data changes every second, and our predictive sales analytics powered by Neuralytics test new algorithms constantly to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your data.

Salesforce Lead Scoring

NeuralView adds predictive lead scoring directly into Salesforce and allows you to build predictive dialing lists, measure your reps’ effectiveness and integrate predictive sales analytics with your own business rules.