Predictive Pipeline

No more spreadsheet wrangling. No more “guess-casting”. No more surprises.

Double forecast accuracy and deliver bulletproof forecasts by blending historical data with sales judgment and predictive analysis. Zero in on what’s changed in your pipeline, spot risk and determine what it will take to save deals that are on the bubble.

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Predictive Revenue

Predictive Pipeline generates the “Call” by using predictive models to determine the in-pipe deals that will close and anticipate deals that haven’t hit yet due to short sales cycles or sandbagging. Annual cyclicality is also factored in to deliver rock-solid sales forecasting that teams can stand behind.

Change Analysis

Trace every move a deal makes for unparalleled sales pipeline management. Over any time period, you’ll see the deltas in close dates, pricing and probability. And even when you’re on the go, you’ll have immediate access to that information via any mobile device.

Embedded Risk Metrics

Predictive analysis discovers the reasons deals aren’t tracking to close. Results are embedded throughout the application to help sales teams build strategies that knock down risks before they derail the deal.

Adaptive Hierarchies

Automatically inherit sales hierarchies from, allowing territory-based forecasts to be generated with no configuration. Forecasts are automatically updated whenever reorgs occur, and sales teams can even run “what if” analyses that recast the current pipeline based on past sales hierarchies, or vice versa.

Team Selling

To address the complexity of matrix, overlay and channel sales organizations, Predictive Pipeline provides full support for opportunity splits and distributed quota credit. And for selling efforts that span countries, Predictive Pipeline supports multilingual / multicurrency processes. Roll up the forecast in minutes, even in global and matrixed organizations.

Pivot Views

Territory-based forecasts work well for sales, but product teams, industry business units and other groups need to cut deals along different dimensions. With Predictive Pipeline, individuals can “pivot” the sales forecast so that deals can be aggregated by account, product, geography, vertical and more. Eliminate spreadsheets by generating a single forecast that can be pivoted to meet the needs of everyone in the company.