Five ways to help your sales team beat the odds and consistently hit quota

In a world where only 57% of sales reps reach quota1, more training and better techniques alone aren’t enough. The one way to reliably meet and exceed your team goals is free up more productive hours in the day.

Here are some simple tips.

1. Quit wasting time pursuing dead-end leads

50% of a rep’s day is wasted chasing after leads that will not close2.

Playbooks uses the power of A.I. to prioritize prospects and opportunities, getting the leads that will not close out of the way of those that ourNeuralytics determines are more likely to.

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2. Decrease your reps' time to productivity

61% of sales reps take over seven months to get ramped3.

Playbooks gives reps access to scalable, consistent, proven cadences, from day one.

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3. Spend less time doing research

24% of a rep’s day is spent just looking for information about leads4.

Playbooks constantly gathers key, actionable insights about companies in your reps’ patch and puts the most relevant info at their fingertips.

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4. Stop endlessly switching between the CRM, email and phone apps

72% of reps lose an hour a day on data entry and switching between apps5.

Playbooks integrates all the prospecting and pipeline-building sales tools your reps need into one application while automatically recording all interaction data to your CRM.

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5. Initiate contact when leads are most likely to engage

Research shows a lead’s likelihood of answering the phone is heavily influenced by the weather, traffic conditions, gas prices and many other factors including the caller’s area code6.

Playbooks uses Neuralytics, our predictive analytics engine built on over 100 billion sales interactions, to determine exactly when to call the right lead while LocalPresence places the call from the lead’s local area code.

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Like poker, sales is a numbers game, and little advantages add up. Playbooks is a sales acceleration solution that aggregates big advantages to significantly increase win rates.

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