Motivate. Engage. Win.

Inspire new levels of sales performance with sales gamification technology that makes selling competitive, visual and fun. When reps are motivated and engaged, they're at the top of their game. PowerStandings is a comprehensive sales gamification system that fosters an exciting, energized atmosphere, giving reps the momentum they need to succeed again and again.

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Motivate through increased visibility


Give instant feedback to your reps and increase visibility into their activity with sales scoreboards. Recognition ignites motivation, and customizable dashboards allow you to display an array of different key performance indicators.

Give your reps the power


Your sales floor is fueled by competition. With Throwdowns, sales reps can challenge each other to head-to-head competitions based on key performance metrics, resulting in higher engagement and excitement.

Showcase accomplishment


Customize achievements to cater to team goals, processes and personality. Create customizable badges to recognize individual and team milestones.

Intelligently reach individuals


Notifications keep agents updated about their place in the rankings and help them push their performance to the limit.


Drive greater team engagement and activity to reach a common goal based on a particular time frame or milestone.


Managers can customize messaging for each rep's unique needs and personality. Keep sales reps updated about how they rank and motivate them to exceed their own expectations.

Salesforce integration

Integrate directly with Salesforce and deliver sales gamification and scoreboards directly to reps in your CRM.

Standing bar

The Standings Bar provides a convenient, on-screen display for reps to see real-time feedback about their performance on your organization's key metrics.